Welcome To Our Website

Welcome to our site! We've designed it with two primary things in mind. 

Firstly, we want to let both our new and existing clients understand how we do business and the benefits you can expect with the process we use. 

Secondly, this site is our gateway to our clients. You can use it to both get on going client reports with updated values on your portfolio but also keep up to date on our suggestions and advice. 

In order to obtain access to your client reports you will need to have a login and password assigned to your account. Please call our office at (519) 271-4819 for yours. 

Once you've got your password, the first time you login you will be presented with our waiver form. 

Please read through it. At the bottom, you'll need to approve the waiver . Once you have approved it, it usually takes two business days for us to complete final preparation of your reports. You'll be emailed when they're available. 

After logging into our reports you will have access to a whole range of financial information about your account as well as direct access to a number of financial tools. 


I appreciate your business. 

Bob Robinet